True Story

How The Blooming Bubble came to be.

I had always wanted a blog. But there was a problem, what would I call it? Hmm… Creative corner! That was what got me excited. On Google I searched the name up. Nope taken. My creative corner? Nope taken. Crazy creative corner? Taken. Kreative korner? Taken. My Krazy kreative korner? N.O. TAKEN! Would I ever find a name?! CREATIVE BUBBLE!!!! Yes I knew it was the one!!!!! I searched it up. Taken. WHY?! Just when I thought hope was lost I thought of it; The Blooming Bubble. Searched it up. YES IT WAS THE ONE! I logged in and edited it until it was perfect. Now here I am, telling you how it happened, my dream come true, with a blog, sharing my recipes, tips, crafts and more.

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