True Story

A little bird.

Yesterday at about 6:30pm this little bird came out onto the path where we were walking, waddled in front of us and then towards a house. We watched it, thinking how cute it was and thought that we could just continue walking. We were wrong. As we were walking off, two or three magpies started swooping it and attacking it. We couldn’t let it be attacked like that. We ran over to the little bird being attacked by the magpies and made them go away. My mum picked it up to carry it away from the magpies, but it kept pecking her. She dropped it quickly because it was pecking so much. It just sat there for a while. After about three minutes we thought it was safe to go again. But no, we thought, what if the magpies come again? It wasn’t that far from where the bird got attacked before, that the little bird now stood, not even knowing how much danger it was in. Then, it waddled onto my brother’s bikes wheels. We thought it was cute, but after pictures were taken, we needed to get it off somehow. We gently tilted the bike up, hoping that the tiny, little bird would fall off gently. Once the bike was fully upright, the bird simply hopped up on top of the wheel and cleaned itself. Next we rolled the wheel back so it gently lowered the bird to the ground. The bird knew better. When we rolled the wheel back, it walked up, stopped for a second to peck the wheel and continued walking up to the top of the wheel. The second time we did this, the bird fell off and we guided it towards where we found it. Hopefully the mother finds it soon.

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