It’s my birthday soon!

Thirteen?! A teenager?!

I wanted to let you guys know that it will be my birthday on the 25th of July. I will be turning 13 years old.

Where I am living, we are currently in lockdown. For 6 weeks. At least I got an extra week of school holidays. It’s pretty disappointing that on my 13th birthday we are in lockdown. I’m sad that I can’t invite anyone over, but still I have my mum, dad, brother and guinea pigs!

I wanted to make up a special recipe just for my birthday. I have a base recipe for one but I’m just perfecting it. We recently ran out of honey, so it’s honey free.

I gave my family a taste and they loved it! I only made a small portion, so I need to find the right measurements for a bigger batch.

Once I get the right measurements I will post the recipe on my blog right away.

Stay tuned!

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