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4 years ago….

Little me and Brookie.

Brookie, 4 years ago I said “I love you” and squeezed your hand.

4 years ago I woke up to find that dad was not home. Mum had been away for quite a few days, at the hospital. Oma was there, sleeping. I wet the bed. Then, not knowing the reason why. It’s as if my body knew the future. I got up to change. I woke up Oma. Embarrased to say the reason why I had gotten up. I wondered why Oma was sleeping in my brother’s bed. We were sleeping in mum and dad’s. Oma told me that dad had gone to the hospital.
4 years ago we drove to the hospital. Mum tired. My cousin and uncle tired. Brookie pale, not her self.

4 years ago we played. The nurses, so kind. Letting us do things, like using the meeting room, we wouldn’t normally do. Us kids, we played. It kept Brookie’s son happy. Us happy. Ice cream, iceypoles, crafts.

4 years ago I remember the scream. Mum hoping to stop it. Stop her from leaving us. Forever.

4 years ago I remember the tears, howls. I made a glove. Filled with the tissues, friends and family cried their tears in. I couldn’t cry. It couldn’t be real. It couldn’t….

4 years ago we went to get fresh air. It was the first time I saw dad cry. The tears just wouldn’t fall. I couldn’t cry! One tear. Is that all? Surely a loyal person to Brookie would cry an ocean.

My mum has a blog all about her and her twin, Brookie. It’s pretty deep, so only read it if you think your ready. I f you want to find out more about my Aunty Brookie, check it out here:

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