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♡ My piggy princess ♡

2 years ago I cried goodbye to you.
2 years ago I kissed your beautiful head.
2 years ago I let go of you.

2 years ago your sister cried goodbye to you.
2 years ago your sister snuggled close to you, for the last time.
I always knew you were strong; you kept fighting.

2 years ago you lost the fight. 
I know you tried.
I know.
It was too much.
You went through so much; but never gave up.

I remember we did a workout.
You were there.
In a box, being brave, like always.
I remember we celebrated when you ate, willingly. 
We were grateful that we did not have to force you.
My piggy princess, Destiny, I miss you.

Even though it’s been two years, I will never forget you.

I even named you, made your middle name, after a brave woman: Brooke.

These love hearts are for you.

Each heart reprasenting the time we have spent apart.


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