Celebrate · Christmas πŸŽ„

Merry Christmas!!! ~2020~

GUUUUYYYYSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS CHRISTMAS!!!


Merry Christmas!!!! 2020!!

I have decided to do a Christmas Photo Shoot in honour of Christmas!!

Unfortunately, I can’t share pics of me on my blog πŸ˜₯ (hopefully that will change soon πŸ˜‰), so I will be doing a Christmas Things Photo Shoot!!

Lets get started!!! πŸ€—

So this is what I got for Christmas and am soooo happy and grateful for!!!

  1. I got this really pretty Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eye Palette. ❀ I also got Nude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara. I love this brand because it’s natural! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

2. I got a game called Throw Throw Burrito. I had seen it in the shops and thought it looked cool (guess what??? the burritos are squishies!! 😍)!! My very kind little bro bought it for me and I loooove it!!! I can see my family having fun game night together!!! πŸ˜‹

3. The next thing I got was a Minecraft Zombie Lamp, which is pretty cool! 😎 I also got a Minecraft Redstone Ore Keychain Torch/Light!! 😜

4. I got this really nice striped t-shirt! I can’t wait to wear it!! ☺

5. To get a little fun learning in my school hols *giggles nervously* (hehe) I got a Mazzy Xtreme Bots Kit!! It is so cool! I can control my own robot off my tablet!!! My mind is blown ….. 🀯 .. Hopefully it won’t be to hard to build……❀

6. I love The Harry Potter Series, so I got Harry Potter lego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have most of the whole set, but new ones have just come out!!! πŸ˜‹ I can’t wait to build it!

7. I love crystals. I spend all my money on them (i nearly wrote monkey lol). ❀❀ These ones are Friendship Stone/ Crystals. I will definitely be using ’em!

8. I am in love with earrings!!! I just love wearing ’em!!! These one are so pretty!! πŸ˜ƒ

9. I looooooooooove essential oils because they just smell amazing! I especially love essential oil blends! They just bring out the sensational smells!! The Good Karma has Geranium oil, Rose oil and Lavender oil (my whole family seems to think this one smells like an old lady….i like it tho.. lol..). The Ishka one has Basil oil, Pepperment oil and Rosemary oil. I am 100% gonna use these oils!!

10. I have always wanted a diffuser!! This one is sooooooooo pretty!! *sings* I ammmm innn looooovvveee!!!!! 😍 (um ok…? 🀨) It makes the house smell AMAZING!!!! 🀩

the pic of the person behind the lamp is my aunty brookie, who sadly died. love u brookie! 😘❀❀

11. A salt lamp!!! They are really good for you and look soooooooo pretty!!!! Ima use ‘dis everyday!😁

12. I love inspiring books. The Honouring Your True Self is a great little book to inspire. I love it!! The Wise Owls Cards gave me an idea. I was thinking, that once a week I pull one out and post it. I don’t know if you understand what the heck I am talking about but soon, you will. I will try and post it on Sundays or maybe on Mondays, so we can focus on a new week and a new card. 😁

(i also got some underpants but who wants to see them?? lol…..πŸ˜‚)

We are having a big family meet up at my aunty and uncles house so thats fun!!πŸ˜„

We normally have lots of separate family gatherings, but not this year!!

My dad is cooking roast pork and slow cooked pork (a little spicy). It looks delish!!!

The roast pork πŸ‘†πŸ‘† My dad cooked it for 14 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the oven, overnight!!) 🀀

yummmmmmmmmm!! my dad cooked it for 8 hours in the slow cooker!!! *licks lips*

The slow cooked pork looks amazing as well!! 🀀

I am feeling very Christmas-y right now, with my reindeer antlers on and Christmas t-shirt and little gift earrings

Well thanks for reading this post!! I hoped you enjoyed!

If you want, you can comment down below what you got for Christmas and what are doing for Christmas as well!!!

Bye, I need to get ready to go to the feast!! πŸ‘‹

Byeee guyys!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Potatoes out!

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