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❤love you, spikey mike❤

Hi guys! 👋

I am back from Bright and I wanted to let you guys know about what happened to me and my brother’s guinea pig, Marshmallow. (I did a post: 🥬Meet my guinea pigs!🥬)

We nicknamed her Spikey Mike because of the little spike on the top of her head (my cousins found this funny). 😊

I have been putting off this post for weeks because I knew it would be hard. ❤

One day, probably a week before we left for Bright, I picked up Marshmallow and I noticed that there was like a lump where her chin was and she had like a runny nose.

I didn’t think that it was normal so I showed my mum, dad and brother and they didn’t think much of it. 🤔

I said to my mum that we should take her to the vet to get it checked out. 🏥

We weighed her to see if she was underweight from not eating and she was 300g over her normal weight!

The lump must of been very heavy for her.

Mum booked the vet and we took Marsh to the vet.

The vet thought the lump could be a cyst or maybe cancer, but they didn’t really know.

They tried to drain the lump and it didn’t work that well.

They also gave us some antibiotics to try and treat the runny nose.

My Oma (Dutch for grandmother) was going to look after the piggies when we went away for Bright, but we didn’t want to burden her with looking after a sick Marshy, because with the antibiotics, there was a risk that she would stop eating and then have to be force fed, so we decided we would have to bring her to Bright with us.

A few days later, we dropped off Clover (our second piggy) at Oma’s and then the next day we left for Bright.

She did really well on the loooooong car ride to Bright, which was good. 👏👏

This year we stayed in the same cabin as we did last year (that’s why I didn’t do a holiday hour tour).

Bright was soooooooo fun!! 😁

We went trout fishing! 🎣 (we’ll ignore that me and one of my cousins were the only one’s who didn’t catch any…)

We went on lots of bike rides! 🚲

Everyone was so nice and gentle to Marshy while we were at Bright. 😁

Marsh did well on the car ride back home. 🚗

By then it had been about a week, so we stopped give Marshy her antibiotics.

I noticed that she still had a runny nose and the lump looked a lot bigger than it had before we’d left for Bright..

So on the 31st of Jan we took Marsh to the vet again and they didn’t give us good news. 🙁

Marsh would have to be put down the next day. 😭

They also said if she had trouble breathing mum would need to take her to the 24 hour emergency vet.

By then she couldn’t even really walk around or lift her head because the lump was so big.

We couldn’t be selfish and keep her just for our pleasure.

On her last day we spoiled her with apple juice, carrot, lettuce, grain, grass and all her favourite foods. 🍎🥕🥬🐹

I said goodnight to her and went to bed quite late. 🕛

At probably 2am mum woke me and my brother, telling us that Marsh was having trouble breathing and mum would have to take her to the 24 hour emergency vet. 😭

We had to say goodbye in just a few minutes because we didn’t want her to suffer.

Mum took her and I cried… I ended up going to sleep at like 5am that night.

Rest In Peace Marshy. ❤

Rest In Peace Spikey Mike. ❤

See her ADOREABLE spike? *spikey mike* 😍

This was when she was sick 😢
This was when she was sick also 😢

We planted a spikey-ish flower plant in honour of Spikey Mike. ❤

Thanks so much for reading this post guys!!! 😀

Byeee guys! 👋👋👋

See you soon,

Potatoes Out! ✌

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