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❓Would you rather…❓

Hey guys!! 👋👋

Today is very exciting post. 😃

It’s gonna be so FUN!! 😁🎉

I had a lot of fun writing the Q&A, so I thought I would do another post like a Q&A…. BUT DIFFERENT. 😊

Would you rather is kinda like a Q&A but not….

A Q&A is asking questions and you answer them (e.g. How old are you? 14! 👵).

Would you rather is two things that you choose you would rather (e.g. Would you rather breakfast or lunch? Breakfast! 🥣)

Let’s get started!!!! 🤩

Would you rather….

Dogs or cats?

DOGS! 🐶 I have been wanting a dog my ENTIRE LIFE! I do like cats, too! 🐱

TV or books?

Well, it depends on what I’m watching/reading and what mood I’m in! 📺📚

Boat or plane?

100% plane! ✈

Night or day?

I’m a night owl…. 🦉

Winter or Summer?

Summer because I can go swimming and go to Bright! 😁

Sweet or savoury?

You can never go wrong with sweet! 🍭🍬

Brownies or ice cream?

I have brownie batter ice cream! 😉

Pizza or chicken and chips?


Minecraft or Roblox?

Roblox! My favourite game on there is Greenville! 🎉

Tea or Coffee?

💕COFFEE💕!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☕ Coffee is SO good! I like it with almond milk! 🥛 I hate most tea, but I like hibiscus and fruit tea. 🍵

Well, thanks so much for reading this post!! 🤗

I hope you enjoyed it! 🤩

See ya soon,

Potatoes Out! ✌

4 thoughts on “❓Would you rather…❓

  1. Well! It certainly was fun finding out more about my darling granddaughter…..you! Thank you for sharing so honestly. You are a real character. I love reading your posts. ❤️💕XXXXX

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