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changing up the blog + tie dye!

Hey guys!!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

For a while I’ve been getting quite bored of the design of this blog….



A few days ago I changed the theme up, and then changed up some the pages so it would match the theme! 😍

I will probably change it up again in a while but for now I’m happy! 😁

Okay, and now time for the before and after of each page!

The home page…..

Blog feed…

Contact me page…

About me page…

I really like it! πŸ₯³


The other day my brother and I decided to do some tie dye! πŸ‘•

We bought the tie dye kit a LONG time before, and had got white t-shirts a few weeks ago (I got some white shorts to tie dye, as well!). πŸ₯³

I sadly didn’t take any pictures of us tie dying, but here are some pics of the finished shirts! 😁

I really like them all, but my favourite t-shirt is the first one!! 🀩

I also really love the shorts! 😍

Well, I think that’s all for today! 😁

Please let me know if you have any blog post ideas, because I’m out of ideas….

I hope you like the new blog look! πŸ€—

(I made a new outro – draw by me! ❀)

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