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✨my 15th birthday wishlist!!✨

Heyy guys! 👋

Welcome back to The Blooming Bubble!

My birthday is coming REAL soon, so I thought it would be fun to share my ✨15th✨ birthday wishlist!!

First of all, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’m going to be turning FIFTEEN!!! 🤯

Second, I thought this post could help you guys get to know me better and give you guys some inspiration on what you might want for your birthday or help you buy gifts for someone you know!

ALSO I just wanted to acknowledge something:

Every year on my wishlists, whether it’s Christmas or my birthday, I have ALWAYS put ✨dog✨ on my list BUT THIS YEAR I WON’T HAVE TO SINCE WE ARE GETTING ONE!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Well, let’s get into my birthday wishlist!

  • clothes
    Recently I’ve been really into clothes, so I asked my mum if us two could go ✨shopping✨ a few weeks before my birthday to buy clothes and she said yes!! 🎉
  • purse/ wallet
    I’ve had the same wallet for YEARS.
    Literally since I was seven years old, so I definitely need one.
  • phone
    I’ve had the same phone for two years.
    It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7.
    I know that might not sound like I need one but, before I got it, it was my dad’s, so it’s pretty old.
  • phone case
    I want a phone case, even if I don’t get a new phone because the phone case I have is breaking and wouldn’t protect my phone from anything lol.
  • screen protector
    I also need a screen protector because I don’t have one right now and I will definitely drop my phone and crack it. 😬
  • SD card
    I would only need this if I didn’t get a new phone.
    My current phone has a very small amount of space on it, so it would help a lot if I had more space on my phone. 😊
  • books
    I love reading!!!
    It’s one of my FAVOURITE things to do! 😍
  • earrings
    I’m obsessed with earrings!
    If you didn’t know, I got my second piercings (so now I have two on each ear) a few months ago!
    I can’t wait to take the earrings out and match with my other piercings!
  • money
    I mean, you can’t got wrong with cash! 🤑
    You can buy ANYTHING with money!
    I think I’ll probably just ask for money from everyone except my mum and dad. 😊
  • lego
    I love Lego because it’s so fun!!
  • lip balm
    My lips always get really dry, so I go through lip balm fast. 🙂
  • food
    Who doesn’t want food for their birthday?
    I know I do! 🧀
  • chocolate
    Even though I already put food on the list, I feel like chocolate deserves its own spot.
    Right now, I can’t eat soy or chocolate products because it gives me a rash on my face, but on my birthday I am going to ignore the chocolate allergy (I’m going to stick with the soy one because a little soy goes a long way) and eat chocolate!! 🎉
    There’s this AMAZING white chocolate that’s sugar free and SO good! 🍫

I don’t want to jinx it, but this year I think I’m FINALLY GOING TO HAVE A PARTY!!! 😁

My birthday is scheduled for next Sunday (and my birthday is on the monday) and I’m going to timezone!

Well, thanks so much for reading this post guys! 😁

I hope this post helped you get to know me better and help you buy gifts for people you know! 😊

2 thoughts on “✨my 15th birthday wishlist!!✨

  1. It’s very exciting that you my granddaughter is turning 15. I remember you being born all those year age as a premi baby in a special plastic crib.
    I’ve watch you grow and you’re almost taller than me or maybe by the time I see you next you will be taller. lol.
    I hope you get everything on your wish list. One thing I do KNOW is that you’re are going to finally get the party next Sunday. See you then XXX

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